Lynaela’s Story

Lynaela and her family - mother father and sister smiling

When Lynaela was born near the end of January 2016, her mother noticed that the baby’s stomach was oddly distended. She checked with her pediatrician in the Four Corners area, but they couldn’t find a cause. On a visit to a different doctor they discovered that Lynaela was experiencing liver failure and immediately referred the family to Primary Children’s Hospital. Her situation continued to worsen, and the baby was put on the list for a liver transplant. Two surgeries, a blood clot, and other complications followed. Lynaela’s liver may have been failing, but her heart was strong and she eventually pulled through.

Months later, this sweet little girl’s mother says: ‘Lynaela is now a strong happy girl full of life, with big smiles. We are grateful for the child who gave the liver. It has impacted our lives and words cannot describe our grateful hearts.

Through all this, we have been staying in (a long-term suite for immune-compromised patients) at the Ronald McDonald House. We are blessed to be here. It is home away from home. It’s like a second home to me. In a way, I feel like I am being pampered. It makes me feel good as a parent.’

She adds some advice to other parents: “Get good energy – it heals our sick children. No matter the sorrow or sadness we feel in ourselves, our kids feed off our positive energy to heal. Be happy when you walk into your child’s room. It changes the vibe in the room. Keep your chin up and held high, stand by your child and be strong and brave.”