Tess’s Story

tess photos side by side, one showing her as an infant in medical care, the other at six years old and smiling

We stayed at the house for almost three months in 2012 when our daughter Tess was born 14 weeks early and stayed in the Nicu in murray. We had no idea how important the house would be to us! Not only an affordable place to stay, we could do laundry and touch base with people who understood the stress we were under and how meaningful each little victory was. On top of that, the “no sickness” policy meant we had the best chance of staying healthy, which was the only way we could go see her. During those 84 days, we were exhausted in every way. The House was a sanctuary and little things like dinner or Girl Scout cookies were comfort.

Tess just turned six. She’s smart, rambunctious and strong-willed. She’s now the oldest of 5, and we point out the house every time we’re in SLC to see her family. Thank you for everything you do, and for being there for us.